Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gardenias ~ oh the scent

When I stack a white cake it takes me on a short memory path of the past, of work I’ve done - B.C. - before children. I used to make custom slipcovers and pillows. I did this in the South, north Florida, next town over was in Georgia. Now fabrics in the South are much different that those used here, they are lighter, brighter, more…well, seemingly to me, more feminine. At least that is how it was back then. When we’d come back home (Oregon) for a visit, I’d notice how much darker and heavier the fabric and décor was in the stores and homes. It’s the climate. I prefer colder weather, I prefer the fabric of Southern taste. Back home now, I have both.

During that time in the South I created in fabric, feeding my need to be creative with my hands, eyes and mind combined. I had a three month wait list during slipcover season - who knew there was a season? I didn’t know that before I started sewing in that venue. When I did this some 15ish years ago, it was at the height of slipcovers in off-white. I used to almost cringe at the idea of yet another off-white order on the books. When all was said and done, when the slipcover went on the furniture it was a smiling content moment…all forgotten that I had been going through the motions with white fuzz all over me and glad I could buy off-white thread in bulk. They were simply beautiful ~ fresh, clean, invigorating and inviting in their simple off-white color.

An off-white cake. I don’t cringe whatsoever like I did with off white slipcover orders, but rather it makes me happy to receive simple white cakes as much as any other order. I love the look of an off-white wedding cake. Simply beautiful, elegant or casual, always inviting. Adding a ribbon of sugar dough, butter cream dots or flowers, it’s a perfect backdrop. I think part of the content smile when it’s assembled is knowing what it’s a part of ~ fresh love going out in the world as a union of two, full of hope and partnered strength.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Simply pictures

I was so happy with this dessert table and the pictures, too.

This was for Art Walk this past Friday - all nibbles were nibbled and gone in a steady stream. Feeding people is so fun!

  • Marionberry-lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting
  • Hummingbird mini-cupcakes
  • Brownie bites
  • Lemon sables
  • Meringue kisses dipped in chocolate

I'll be doing another table during Art Hop, October 2nd. A fall theme consisting of either a festive bright halloween theme or an autumn tone theme - but warm spiced flavors celebrating a cozier few months ahead...come on Fall...I've miss you!!


(Well, I had to put this in...two of three people I love the most.)