Thursday, July 12, 2012

~ Curry peanut lime chicken ~ 
It finally happened!  Truly, it did!  I am amazed......and shocked.  I finally got a good grill on!  Whoohooo!  In the past I’ve burnt this and that, dried out that and the other.  Charcoal grilling has not been something I could do, which was mildly and shortly frustrating.  I try a couple times a summer. This year - being oh*so*much more centered, I gave it another go, sans expectations.  Funny how that all plays out well when letting go of such things….like self-controlled outcome.  Oh, give me a keyboard and the soapbox philosophical thoughts come whizzing from fingertips.  :)  Anywhoo.  Moving on.

Yay, charcoal…good ol’ mesquite charcoal to be exact.  That and a decent marinade.  Yellow chicken.  Meh.  Yellow chicken with a peanut sauce.  Yum.

Marinade found here, only double the amount of gingerroot.  I adjusted the peanut sauce, also found on the same link.  I ran out of limes.  I added more soy sauce by another teaspoon or two, a few dashes of toasted sesame oil, three garlic and a touch of dried lemongrass.  Chunky peanut butter, natural.  Smooth peanut butter on Norton Avenue?  Not often.  

The bok choy - so happy -- FLD liked it and ate two.  Score!  Miss Little One More ate one without complaint.  Middle child was spending the night at a friends, so not feedback on her opinion of grilled bok choy.  A nice little sprinkling mix of sesame seeds, sliced garlic, diced lemon grass and olive oil was all that was done to the halved bok choy before grilling.  I normally saute it this way and prefer it that way - it gets some steam on it with that method.  Grilled was less rich in olive oil, but just as fresh and crunchy as it gets, with char…num, num.  

Let summer grilling season begin.  I have a huge (!) bag of real charcoal.  Huge.  Big chunks.  

Wishing all a happy and loving summer, full of laughter....and SPF 45.  Remember, any more is a waste.  :)