Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pumpkin Streusel Tart ~

This is a design post. I had not thought of some of the items I post as that, but now I see it that way. As recipes are abundant and variations are slim on traditional goodies, what is, for me, another fun aspect to trying something "new-ish" is the way it will look in the end. I've got the taste part down.

I am sure many have thought of an idea for a finished baked item, knowing they cannot be the first, they simply have not run across it before without searching it out. I’ve done that recently, using Google’s Image search to see what is out there. I thought - Hey! Eggnog pudding. Yes, there is was. Then I thought…streusel on a pumpkin tart would be pretty. Yes, it’s out there. Nothing is new. Or is it everything old is new again?

This recipe was the inspiration. I don’t usually care for oatmeal on most items calling for streusel so I used my favorite recipe. I’m sure you all have your favorite pumpkin pie recipe and crust as well. I play around with pumpkin filling each year, but crusts, I tend to stick with a familiar pate brisee. I'm leaving the pie filling up to you. It's not as deep as a pumpkin pie, so amount and baking time will vary. I assume most know these things...you are wandering the web looking at a baking site. *smiling*

Streusel will show up repeatedly in this blog, it is a favorite accent of mine.

This makes two 8-10 tarts.

Pate brisee ~

2 ½ c. flour

2 T. sugar
1 tsp. salt

16 T. butter, chilled, cubed
5 T. water

I do this in my food processor, adding water after the butter has been cut into the flour, the usual routine. Most of the time when I make a filled tart, I roll out this dough, forming it into the pan, then chill for an hour or two before filling and baking. If it’s a blind bake or partial, then the dough gets a chill before rolling and another chill before baking.



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