Monday, December 6, 2010

Forget me not ~

I don't take in large cupcake orders, not for weddings or events.  I find them less appealing than a cake, especially keeping qualities.  But I did take in one last week, for a memorial.  300 cupcakes. Though I didn't have as much time to spend on the accuracy of the flowers as I wished due to the other orders I had in place, then to add 300 cupcakes in a day, it was a lot for me.  It was a lot and I felt blessed to have this particular order.  His favorite color was blue, so I made Forget Me Nots - not so accurate, nice nonetheless.  The table was very pretty when all the different cupcakes were plated.
Baking that order touched me deeply, as I had someone special pass over recently, on November 17th.  I attended her memorial this past Saturday - someone that knew Karin spoke stories of connectedness with the date of November 17th "being a most auspicious day".  Sitting and listening to the story, I started piecing back to where I was that afternoon.  I'm sure for many people - November 17th was a "most auspicious day".  Love is in everything.  So I hope that this isn't morose in anyway - it is a loving gift to know someone, part of that knowing is their passing.

My youngest daughter said the following when I was telling my children of the memorial -- The love in someone's heart always goes to a baby when they die.  She's seven ~ children rock!!  :)

Coconut with cream cheese frosting

Pumpkin with cream cheese frosting
Chocolate with cream ganache

A poem from Karin's memorial ~ *love*

A VaIidiction

If we must part,
Then let it be like this;
Not heart on heart,
Nor with the useless anguish of a kiss;
But touch mine hand and say:
"Until tomorrow or some other day,
If we must part.

Words are so weak
When love hath been so strong:
Let silence speak:
 "Life is a little while, and love is long;
A time to sow and reap,
And after harvest a long time to sleep,
But words are weak."

--Ernest Dowson


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  1. Janet,

    I adore these blue flowers on your cupcakes.

    However, you are way too late to link in to Blue Monday; I'm so sorry. Blue Monday is on each Monday, beginning at midnight EST. It closes after 11PM. I'm sorry that you were disappointed.

    I do hope you try again--maybe next Monday.