Monday, July 20, 2009

Oy vey ~

One of those days? No. Mornings. No. Weeks? Oh, I hope not.

When my mind is vividly elsewhere - Muffin Monday for the kids ends up as Muffin Mess Monday. They ate them happily, even returning for another.....blob.

I will post this recipe later this week ~ *ha* I will hope that your mind is on the task at hand if you decide to use the recipe and that...

1. You use a good spray coating on the muffin tin and...
2. You know when to toss out an all too worn muffin tin that has seen it's day.

I did make this batch in the morning hours with my auburn hair baby, the one t
hat gets up before the others. Alone in the kitchen with my girl. Ain't love grand?

Toodles ~


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