Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lavender on Blue Monday ~

Precious beauty

I cut back my three lavender plants a few weeks ago, saving a handful of stalks to make a bouquet to give.  The plants aren't big at all, only basketball size.  They are precious beauty to me, as their home in the earth surrounding them is the only garden area I've been able to make - a small narrow strip on the street side of our home.  Little as it is, it give me great joy.  I hope the other three small plants I put in this year come back as the other three did about four years ago.  Marking time ~

This is the first and only lavender bouquet I have made so far.  There is one faint blue bud in it, which made me smile - it barely shows up in the pictures, but I will count that as good enough for Blue Monday.  If you click on the horizontal picture, I believe it's visible.  There is a chance that belief is only in my head.  :)

As I was wrapping the ribbon, I wondered what lavender means in flower language.  I already knew the destination of the bouquet, so I was looking forward to looking up the meaning, whatever it would be, it would be telling or appropriate or ironic.  Isn't that the way all messages are?

Lavender meaning.

In a box


  1. Beutiful! I can almost smell it. :)

    My Blue Monday.

  2. Oh i love lavender and its smell

    You may view my Blue Monday @ J&J

  3. I squinted, but I couldn't spot it.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Oh I can just smell the lavender scent. Love the bed spread.
    A Fun Festive Time

  5. I really love lavender and have a plant that is slowly coming of age. Very pretty. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. pretty! I am jealous that lavender doesn't grow well in this humidity.