Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sustenance Sunday ~

From last weeks sponge starter batch, I made whole wheat bread with oats and walnuts, walnut scallion baguettes and fig-walnut bread.  The first two were almost a straight take from recipes in Amy's Bread baking book.  Though I didn't get the nice airy holes in the end result with the baguettes, it was a tasty bread.  It made three loaves, one frozen.  The baguette did not freeze well, even being in the freezer only less than a week.   The walnut-scallion bread was nice split lengthwise, brushed with olive oil, a dash of kosher salt and broiled to toasty, then rubbed with fresh garlic.  :)  The whole wheat sandwich bread was only frozen three days, and it did just wonderful for toast.  It was particularly tasty with jam or honey - kid approved.


Buried in the earth, a kernel of wheat
is transformed into tall stalks of grain.
Crushed in the mill, its value increases and it becomes bread, invigorating to the soul.
Ground in the teeth, it becomes spirit, mind, and the understanding of reason;
Lost in Love, that spirit delights the sowers after the sowing.
- Rumi


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