Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~

I had to have a picture of some sort.  This is a snapshot of my regular morning start, a latte.  Ranunculus makes me smile.

I'm trying!  I'm trying!  Mumble, mumble.  "Organization is the key to freedom."  *sigh*   This goes against my very disorganized nature, my dysfunctional illogical thoughts of what obligation is in reality.  Good for me for any step towards simplicity.  Our menu this week - at least for dinners.  I'm actually excited for these meals this week.  

Meatless Monday ~ ~

    Whole wheat rosemary focaccia
    Roasted veggie & pasta bake (whole wheat penne)
Taco Tuesday
~ ~   Sofie’s request, she heard this on TV and liked the sound of it. "We should do that sometime!"   We.  Me.  :)

    Grilled skirt steak
    Assorted sautéed veggies
    Whole wheat flour tortillas
    Cilantro-lime-shallot brown rice

~ ~

    Shrimp, coconut milk and noodle soup
    Brown jasmine rice

~ ~

    Jamaican meat pies

Friday ~ ~

    Sauteed zucchini

Soft folds with my hope


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