Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But Mom...

"....if you don't post your blog, how can we find the recipes?"  A conversation at the table one evening -- Sofia said she was going to make my recipes some day and open a little bakery....Annie said she was going to make my recipes one day and eat them.  They said I had to write them down.  Annie asking how to find them if I don't publish them online for them to find....Nic asks why I stopped posting.  Simple questions, challenging answers.

Peach-nectarine-almond tart

That tart there in the picture...it's the kind that makes me want my children to have the recipe one day...that tastes so good it's one they will remember for a long time.  Not that they got any of  this particular tart...*lol*...it was given away as a Good Wishes sentiment.  Aside from that, yes, they would like this recipe for their own someday.  So come Friday I'll post the recipe....though no longer a baker....simply a love of baking quietly for my children...and anyone else that wanders across my path when I am in the mood to pass it out.

It's another day ~ aren't we lucky? 


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