Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

 *oy*  This was work, mentally and organizationally for me. *laughing*  I'm almost never this organized, and it's an effort to do so with menu planning.  I cook by mood, keeping a well stocked interesting ingredient pantry....or so I think.  I kind of have a rough idea of what I can and will make when the mood strikes, sometimes days in advance, but write it down?  That I do not do.  But having the need to clear off my plate since the first of the year to allow for some re-grounding to be more present, more respectful to myself...organization and little efforts are being re-worked. I'm not looking into the future to maintain this, but knowing that writing things down, spending less money, making less waste is easy on the heart and mind.  

I hope to post some of the recipes such as the apple cheesecake bars, barley soup and now a new favorite as of dinner tonight - our new everyday bread as it was dubbed this evening.

Monday ~

After school snack - - Vanilla yogurt parfaits with banana and blueberries
                                       ¼ c. peanuts

Dinner ~     Beef barley soup
                    20% whole wheat homemade baguettes
                    Apple cheesecake bars

Tuesday ~

Breakfast - -     Hard boiled eggs
                          Homemade raisin bread, toasted
                          Grapefruit supremes

After school snack -    Blueberry crumb cakes

Dinner - -     “Brinner” - according to Sofia - breakfast food at dinnertime.

                       Turkey sausage links
                       Scrambled eggs with cheese, shallots and herbs
                       20% whole wheat homemade baguette for French toast

Wednesday ~

Breakfast - -  Oatmeal - Sofia Favorite ~ :)

After school snack --  Hummus and crackers

Dinner - -     Chicken stewed in coconut milk and spices - inspiration will be from here.
                      Jasmine rice
                      Roasted asparagus

Thursday ~

Dinner - -     Fish sandwiches using cod, blackend spices, served on homemade challah rolls (less sugar)

Friday ~  

Dinner - -     Black bean soup from freezer
                     Cheddar scones
                     Spinach salad, homemade croutons



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