Tuesday, March 29, 2011

After school snack ~

I need more white dishes.  I do, I do.
I cannot believe my children liked these.  I didn't care for them.  *laughing*  I made them whole wheat.  There was a low amount of sugar compared to other scones.  Annabelle and Little Bit asked for a second one.  Amazing.  I'm happy that my children will eat something that low in sugar and entirely whole wheat.  Nic...well, I got the "so-so" sign with the hand when I asked him if he liked them.  Me?  Not the tolerant one again, I see.  I ate the middle and tossed the rest.  *blush*  This recipe is by no means close to the oh so flaky original in the end result...but there it is...our after school snack today.  Cleaned up away from white flour.

 With a couple substitutions and a minor change - -
  • Recipe cut in half, sugar amount remains at 3T. to 2 c. flour.
  • Whole wheat pastry flour instead of white.
  • Marionberry jam, of course.

Lil' nose rubs, Eskimo kisses...real ones ~


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